Affirmative Actions Plans

You can count on our in-house
Certified Affirmative Action Professional
to ensure completeness, compliance, and peace of mind.

If you are a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor with 50 or more employees and supply and service contracts with the government valued at $50,000 or more (as either a Prime or a Subcontractor), you are required to have an Affirmative Action Plan. 

BCG will help to ensure your Affirmative Action Plan is up-to-date.  We will work closely with you to ensure your Affirmative Action Plan is in full compliance.  BCG offers support through OFCCP audits.  Let us give you the confidence and education you need to ensure your Affirmative Action Plan is done right.

Why Outsource Your Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) Preparation?

  • Affirmative Action is a specialized area.
  • Affirmative Action software can be expensive and has a high learning curve.  Outsourcing is cost effective.
  • Outsourced consultants can concentrate and take the needed time to prepare plans.  Outsourcing is time saving.
  • Affirmative Action plan preparation is seasonal, but implementation of the plan is continual.  Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on the plan vs. plan preparation, without adding the headcount of an AAP specialist.

Certified Affirmative Action Professional
Member American Association for Affirmative Action
Member SAILG

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