Q: I pay the Fringe Benefit as cash to my employees. Is this the best way to meet the Fringe Benefit obligation?

A: No! If you pay the Fringe Benefit as cash you are paying unnecessary payroll taxes and other payroll related burdens, such as, workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.

Q: How much will BCG charge me to provide Health & Welfare Benefits to my employees?

A: Excluding of small set up fees for retirement benefits, BCG does not charge the employer to provide benefits.

Q: I am happy with my existing medical and retirement plan, but I am concerned that I am not in compliance with the Davis Bacon or Service Contract Act. Can BCG help?

A: Yes! BCG can audit your existing programs to determine if your company is in compliance. If you are not, BCG can show you how to keep your existing program and comply with the Davis Bacon and Service Contract Acts. See Federal Contractor Information

Q: When must my company comply with Executive Order 11246 concerning Affirmative Action Plans?

A: Your company must comply with Executive Order 11246, 120 days from contract award, if it meets one of the following requirements: See HR Compliance Services

Q: The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 says my company must provide a drug free workplace. What do I have to do?

A: The Act states that a company will be in compliance by agreeing to:

  • Publish a statement notifying employees of its drug free policy
  • Establish an ongoing Drug-Free Awareness program
  • Provide all employees a copy of the company’s drug free workplace policy
  • Notify the contracting officer in writing within 10 days of an employee drug conviction
  • Take appropriate actions, as defined by the Act, within 30 days of receiving employee conviction notice
  • Make a good faith effort in providing a continuous Drug Free Workplace program.

Q: We are a small firm; how can we afford to keep up with all these compliance issues?

A: Call BCG and ask about our bundled services pricing.