Federal Contractors


If you are a Federal Contractor, BCG is the answer to your employee benefits and contract compliance needs. BCG experts specialize in interpreting and adapting to the changing requirements of the Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon Act and other Department of Labor (DOL) wage and labor laws.

Cost savings.  Compliance.  Ease-of-use.  BCG has developed a system of tracking and monitoring health and welfare fringe benefits on an hourly rather than a monthly basis. This is key to eliminating unnecessary payments for non-worked hours. This results in insurance cost savings which will ultimately increase your bottom line profits.


The Service Contract and Davis-Bacon Acts mandate federal contractors contribute to a bona fide health and welfare plan on an hourly basis. If your company currently pays monthly premiums to an insurance company, the odds are your company is not in compliance with the SCA and is overpaying for medical insurance.

For example, a company with a monthly premium insurance program is required to pay a full month’s premium whether their hourly employees work the full month or not. Also, many companies utilize an unfunded self insured benefits program which is in direct violation of the Service Contract Act.

Unfortunately, many companies opt to provide the required health and welfare fringe benefit to employees in the form of a cash payout. Although a cash payout is easy to implement, the result is increases to payroll taxes, workman’s compensation and liability insurance rates.

BCG offers medical and retirement programs fully audited and hourly driven. This keeps your company in compliance and makes it easier to account for your employees benefits. As a matter of fact, there are many times when all that BCG needs is a copy of the employer’€™s payroll report to provide employees with benefits!